CapMon new release

Alexander Palmgren ny salgsdirektør i CapMon

New Sales Director

We are very pleased to announce that Alexander Palmgren has been employed as our new Sales Director at CapMon A/S. Alexander has many years of experience in the software industry.
CapMon release notes

CapMon releases v.13.1.8

ServiceNow integration in Capmon and lots of other improvements to functionality and security help ensure proactive monitoring of the IT infrastructure.
CapMon indgår partnerskab med Tenable

Tenable MSSP partner

CapMon and Tenable are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership, ensuring that CapMon is now the only active Tenable Managed Service Security Provider in Denmark.

CapMon new release

CapMon's latest version offers new features and improvements to functionality and security, ensuring a continous secure proactive monitoring of your IT systems.
Kontrol af lokal-administratorrettigheder

AccessManager v. 4.5.6

We are constantly working on developing and improving AccessManager in our effort to meet our customers’ demands. Our latest version comes with important new features and improvements. Version […]
Fredericia Kommune er GDPR compliant med CapStash løsningen fra CapMon

GDPR compliance

CapMon's log management solution, CapStash, gives Fredericia municipality an overview of all data traffic in the system. They can now see who has accessed specific data and when

Partnership with Elastic

CapMon has signed up a partnership with Elastic. Over the past year, CapMon has experienced high growth and interest in our solutions based on Elastics technology platform.

IT monitoring saves money

All IT departments will agree that being ahead of a situation and not having to deal with constant fire fighting is nice. But it is also nice to save money.

New release – 11.4.16

We are excited to release version 11.4.16, offering both new designs, functionalities, as well as security and performance improvements.

When hunches become facts

Previously, the staff of the Region Nord's hospitals often complained about long response times when working in the region’s EIA system (electronic patient record system).

Efficient log monitoring

CapMons CapStash er en SIEM enterprise løsning til log management af hele din infrastruktur, hvilket øger sikkerheden på tværs af organisationen. Du får et realtidsbillede af hele it-infrastrukturen
fredericia kommune bruger CapMon

Now we have peace of mind

Who does not like being prepared? Then you can take your precautions. You can fix things before they break. And you can be at the forefront of the situation before users reach out to discover,
TDC group bruger Capmons programmer

Short response time ensures customer satisfaction

When you provide broadband and telephony to around 80,000 customers at country level, you can get sweaty if your customers call and say they can not connect in the middle of a national match. Of course, that situation will be avoided at all costs. Therefore, Dansk Kabel TV has chosen to ensure effective surveillance. In this way, you can anticipate the course of events and inform customers if irregularities should occur.

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