Elastic SIEM - Log Management

Increase security across your entire organization with Elastic SIEM – Log Management and get a realtime picture of the entire IT-infrastructure  including registration of any threats.

Incident management

Elastic SIEM Log Management is a scalable, simple and extremely powerful tool for correlating and aggregating logs.

You can monitor all the way down to the application layer and thereby be able to identify possible cyber attacks or other incidents and get verified if it is a real, malicious threat (incident), if it has consequences for the business – and if so which ones.

You get fast collection and display of data on your dashboard for subsequent analysis, documentation and reporting.

Historical data storage us an option, as well as filtering your logs to reduce “False Positives” – all are functionalities that contribute to fast, efficient and correct incident management.

Overall picture of your data

The solution displays data selected by you on your dashboard. It allows you to get a complete overview of your most important monitoring data.

Machine Learning

Elastic’s SIEM – Log Management is also available as a full SIEM solution that uses “Machine learning”.

With Machine learning, log patterns are detected with a single click, and “anomaly scores” are created based on the unusual activities.

You no longer have to sit and watch the dashboard all the time. When the system detects something serious, you are automatically notified.

Save time and money

IT operations: Spot any unusual changes in the systems

Security: Identify unusual network activity or user behavior and stop the attacks before they do damage: DDOS attacks, data leaks, etc.

Business Intelligence: Get notified if there is an unusual increase or decrease in “shopping carts” on your webshop.

  • Elastic SIEM-Log Management  is faster than other logging systems, which is a significant time-saving factor.
  • The solution is cost-effective compared to other solutions and supports all log formats.
  • Logging takes place centrally from a single location.

You get fast correlation and storage of large amounts of data (Big data) in minutes.


CapMon is Elastic MSSP in Denmark

CapMon is MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) at Elastic, and our SIEM – Log Management solution is based on Elastic.

Elastic’s products are used by thousands of organizations (including Cisco, eBay, Goldman Sachs, NASA, Microsoft Wikipedia and Verizon ).

Elastic SIEM – Log Management is a scalable solution that is offered as a full package or in phases:

Collection and analysis of logdata

Analyzing network traffic data

Cyber security vulnerability scanning

SIEM Log Services

Elastic consists of a variety of services that provides efficient proactive IT monitoring and SIEM management.

Log analysis

Log-analysis & -management

Log Analysis & log management
Real-time search, capture, analysis and storage of events from relevant data sources for detection and digital analysis of security incidents. Collection of logs from your security controls and network devices

Forensics - log data

Forensics analysis of critical systems

Thorough digital survey incl. detailed and in-depth analysis of the systems.

Detection of fraud, waste and malicious use. Finds causes and takes preventive measures, thereby ensuring focus on critical assets and costs for the business. Gearing of information in data files.

Log management finetuning

Fine tuning

Reduce and filtration of “False Positive” alarms, causing time and manpower.

Saves time for your security staff to deal with the serious threats.

Reporting and documentation

Reporting & documentation

You will receive documentation for auditing and compliance purposes. You will get an assessment of the security level and escalation to “response teams” via a Ticket system of each incident.

Maintenance of log sources

Maintain log sources

The addition of new/removal of inactive assets in the SIEM environment reduces network traffic and ensures focus on active and critical assets.

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring

Find unusual log activities in the network. Identify and fix small problems before they have a chance to develop into larger problems. CapStash can perform central log monitoring.

CapStash security services

Security awareness program

Security awareness program

Establishment and implementation of security awareness program in the company to increase the understanding of IT security in the organization

Reduces the occurrence of data leaks, malware, spyware, and virus attacks

Penetration test and

Penetration test & risk assessment

Using CapStash plugins, log analytics and sniffing tools, the security of your IT infrastructure is scanned, evaluated, and risk assessed.
You identify threats and vulnerabilities, and whether they are critical / less critical or just “false positives”