We provide you with it security in a flexible and personal way

We have developed a series of IT solutions that make life easier for the IT manager, network administrators and help desk departments. Our solutions are interesting to use for experts and simple to use for everyone else.

Engagement and personal customer service are important to us. When you become a customer with us, you get attached a permanent consultant so that you always have quick access to help when the need arises.

In the 19 years we have been in the market, the feedback from our customers has been that they have not been able to find other IT solutions and services that could compete on quality, functionality and price, and it is a reputation we intend to live up to as long as we exist.

What do you need to monitor?

What’s the state of the network like? Do you often have problems with cyber attacks and hackers? Are there bottlenecks in the internal network that provide long response times and go beyond operational stability?

CapMon’s IT security solutions give you increased reliability, the ability to eliminate network bottlenecks, effective attack defenses, and the ability to comply with GDPR rules.


Keep an eye on the state of the network for better operational stability and access equality for users.

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ResponseView svartidsmålinger

Measure and document the response times that users actually experience when using the business applications.

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Identify unusual network or user behavior and stop attacks before they do serious damage to your system.

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Give your users a time-limited right as a local administrator on their PC – while documenting the activities

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Why customers chose us

Customer satisfaction is our most important success criterion. When we implement solutions with our customers, an equal interaction is a natural part of the process. We actively use customer feedback to optimize the experience for both existing and new customers.

“We have got a very flexible and much more intutitive system and better security routines than we have ever had before.”

“It is nice to be one step ahead of our users, and that we are alerted by the system in case of malfunction. In many cases we can fix the problems before anyone gets affected by it.

“As for the SLA agreements with our suppliers it is a huge advantage that we can measure the exact response times, so we know that we get what we pay for”.

“It has been a great advantage that CapMon has previously solved tasks for us. But we also find that they are super good at listening and getting to grips with things”.

“With CapMon’s monitoring solution we can define exactly what we want to measure, which is of great value to us”.

“We have got a proactive monitoring solution that enables us to detect any problems with our IPT, before olur users even notice it”.


Find Insider threats with UEBA

With UEBA, you look at human behaviour patterns. Advanced AI technology detects all unusual user activity to avoid compromisation of your company's data.


CapMon collaborates with a number of partners on technology and sales of our products and services, so we can always offer innovative and competitive solutions that benefit our customers.

We work closely with our partners. We never compromise on quality and we share our passion – namely IT security solutions that provide security for customers.