Measure responsetimes with ResponseView

Document user response times!

ResponseView allows you to measure response times and thus document the response times that users actually experience when using application systems, such as. SAP, MS Office, Axapta and other business applications.

ResponseView allows you to measure response times on websites. It may be user transactions, response times or specific functionality that is being measured.

The results are stored in a central database on the CapMon server. They are presented in clear graphs via your browser, and can easily be integrated into the company’s Intranet.

ResponseView schedule setup

ResponseView allows you to “copy” user actions and perform transactions from any Windows or browser-based PC in the IT infrastructure. The system may be set up to execute a specific transaction or a series of transactions against the company’s financial system over and over again with a fixed interval. This gives an invaluable overview of whether the response times are beyond what is considered acceptable.

With precise response time measurements
Region Nord is now able to control their
SLA agreements
View ResponseView video

ResponseView can be configured to automatically send alarms to the persons responsible for the systems before the response times reach beyond the acceptable time. This enables them to be at the forefront of possible problems.

Utilize your operating budget

End User Experience Measurements,  Application Performance and Accessibility are graphically displayed and provide a unique overview and insight into  the performance of your applications. You get clear, detailed and comparable operating reports based on measurements seen from the user perspective.

You can see which service criteria have exceeded which ones are in the danger zone. You will receive documentation of the level of accessibility and user experience of the individual services. This knowledge enables you to proactively  improve the user experience and to optimize the operating budget.

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