Protect the devices that connect your employees’ work and private lives

A simple, integrated solution for comprehensive data protection across all desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. No more patching holes with incomplete Mobile Device Management solutions.

With Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, you reduce the risk of data breaches due to threats, including phishing, ransomware, exploitation of vulnerabilities on mobile devices, and installed apps.”

What is Lookout Mobile Enpoint Security?

Lookout is a scalable Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) platform for the protection of both managed and unmanaged iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices.

In a time when employees use millions of mobile apps both at home and in the workplace, businesses need an unprecedented level of protection against attacks and threats lurking in this digital landscape.

These attacks know no boundaries and aim to exploit corporate resources to gain access to sensitive data.

Lookout’s MES platform is powered by the world’s largest mobile telemetry from over 200 million devices, 180 million apps, and millions of URLs ingested every day.

The solution provides detection and response across the four primary categories of threats to mobile devices – phishing and content, apps, device exploitation, and network attacks

Why you should use Lookout Mobile Enpoint Security

Organizations generally lack insight into how mobile devices handle data, making it impossible to know the extent of the risks they are exposed to. The increasing use of mobile devices every day has resulted in a significant rise in attacks targeting mobile users and the data that can be accessed.

  • Gain an overview of the risks posed by mobile devices and users across your organization
  • Protect against threats on both managed and unmanaged mobile devices..
reduce mobile risks
  • Analyze privacy risks, security issues, and application origin for the mobile apps deployed on the company’s mobile devices.
  • Reduce the risk of credential compromises and multi-factor authentication.

Businesses, governments, and millions of individuals around the world trust Lookout’s Mobile Endpoint Security to protect their data.

Product description

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) is powered by telemetry from hundreds of millions of mobile apps, devices, and web elements for the detection of phishing attacks and compromised mobile devices. The modular design ensures scalability and high efficiency.


Implement protection against phishing and content

Guard against websites attempting to compromise employees’ credentials and deliver malware through advanced domain analysis and encryption.


Minimize threats with adaptive access control

Prevent unauthorized access to your apps and data by continuously evaluating the risk situation for users during a session on their mobile device.


Get protection beyond basic mobile device management

Obtain comprehensive security that keeps users, devices, and data safe from mobile threats, not just the basic defenses within mobile device administration.


Expand your Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to cover mobile devices

Use Lookout’s streaming detection engine to analyze telemetry and detect unusual behavior. Respond and remediate with available integrations.

Key functionalities

Delivers robust Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for all mobile devices.

  • The industry’s most advanced mobile Endpoint Detection and Response solution.
  •  IT and security teams can extend the Zero Trust policy to encompass all devices accessing corporate data to minimize risk exposure.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the risk situation for each user and mobile device throughout their sessions.
  • Automatically terminate a session if the risk situation changes and inform both the user and the administrator of the threat for remediation.
  • Reduce risk by implementing Zero Trust across all devices, apps, and users.


Protect users and devices against threats

  • Obtain endpoint protection that guards against all four threat categories:

– Phishing and content

– Malicious apps

– Compromised devices

– Insecure network connections

  • Implement a robust threat defense for both managed and unmanaged iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices against the full spectrum of mobile risks.
  • Automatically detect and protect against known and unknown mobile threats thanks to the world’s largest security telemetry dataset from over 215 million mobile devices and 269 million apps.

Protect against internal and external cyberthreats

  • Detect, alert, and prevent insider threats with integrated user behavior analysis and antivirus protection.
  • Provide your employees with the ability to access and use the information they need without worrying about misuse.

Seamless integration with your existing security infrastructure.

  •  Enhance and extend mobile device security by integrating Lookout with your existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions


Illuminate the full scope of potential mobile risks

New research is altering the perception of risks that the mobile ecosystem poses to critical business data and how you can best secure your mobile data.



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Crucial security for mobile endpoints

“Lookout for Work has been easy to use and provides a great overview of endpoint security on iOS and Android devices. The platform is easy to navigate and offers a clear picture of the current status of all mobile devices”

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Reliable product and good service

“Easy to work with. Our contact in technical service and support is very responsive. Managing the dashboard, online portal, removing and adding users, and staying ahead of risks and vulnerabilities is straightforward.”

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Digital information moves swiftly – without borders or limitations. Get data security that moves at the same speed.

Do you want to reduce the risk of a data breach from mobile threats, including phishing, ransomware, and exploitation of device and app vulnerabilities?



Our Managed Service concept is designed for those who want assistance in protecting their employees’ mobile devices.