SOC as-a-Service

Protect your business against cyberattacks

Reduce consequenses of attacks

Financial benefits

GDPR compliance

CapMon SOC services

CapMon SOC as-a-Service

Protect your data

CapMon’s SOC as-a-service is designed for you who needs security monitoring but do not want the operational overhead by running a 24/7 SOC team, which must constantly adapt to the changing threat landscape.

Cybercriminals work 24/7 trying to get access to your infrastructure and your most sensitive data. In the fight to curb these cyber attacks, companies are investing, as never before, in setting up security alert systems.

A SOC (Security Operations Center) is vital when it comes to protecting the organization from advanced, persistent threats. However, it is not only expensive, but also time consuming and requires security experts with the right skills.

Our security-certified SOC team uses a combination of technology and structured processes to detect, analyze and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Minimize your risks

CapMon’s SOC team monitors your IT infrastructure  and uses solutions from our technology partners, Elastic, Exabeam and Muninn to collect and analyze all incidents, thus being able to respond quickly to any threats and attacks. By doing so, you minimize the risk of being hit by hacker attacks and cybercrimes.

You will get:

  • Incident response within 15 minutes
  • Possibility of daily or 24/7 manned SOC
  • Highly recognized technology and proven processes, including analysis of user behavior
  • Total cost of ownership on your SOC
CapMon SOC as-a-Service can be customized to your organization’s individual needs.