CapMon Board of directors


Presentation of CapMon’s Chairman of the board

Erik Lorenz Petersen has many years of experience in the IT industry and was co-founder / co-owner of the consulting firm Fischer & Lorenz (today Devoteam).

Since 2003, Erik Lorenz Petersen has served as an investor and professional board member in a number of companies, including CapMon, where Erik Lorenz Petersen currently serves as chairman of the board.

The cooperation with the management and the circle of owners in CapMon has been active since 2009 in various business contexts.

“CapMon has many years of experience in the network monitoring and optimization market. It offers tailor-made solutions based on software developed by Capmon. to a variety of satisfied customers.

Over the past few years, Capmon has expanded its product range with a number of new powerful log management and system security tools demanded by customers. It is a pleasure to work with both management and employees at Capmon. They have the deep technical insight, the ability to meet customer needs, combined with a great business understanding, which ensures sharp solutions on time ”, says Erik Lorenz Petersen.

In the role of chairman, Erik Lorenz Petersen can benefit from his experience from the consultancy and IT industry. This, together with Erik Lorenz Petersen’s involvement at the board level for a number of successful “start-ups” in the last 10 years provides him with a good basis for optimizing, inspiring and challenging the management of CapMon.


Presentation af board member Frederik Helweg-Larsen

Frederik Helweg-Larsen became part of CapMon’s board of directors to contribute with his experience to the company’s success as a provider of IT monitoring tools, response time metrics and log management solutions.

“CapMon is a competent company with many years of experience. I think it is both exciting and important to help strengthen the continued development of the company and contribute with my experience.”

Frederik Helweg-Larsen is a very experienced business manager, entrepreneur and advisor specializing in cyber security and has more than 25 years of experience in this area.

In addition to his day-to-day duties as Expert Director in the Devoteam, Frederik is an active officer in the Armed Forces, where he holds the role of Network Manager for the Cyber Area in the Center for Stabilization Efforts (CSI). As Captain of CSI, Frederik’s task is to strengthen national resilience through collaboration and knowledge sharing across sectors

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Præsentation af bestyrelsesmedlem Lasse Bohart

Lasse Bohart is CEO of KonsensIT, CapMon’s sister company, both companies are owned by Karsten Højer. Throughout most of his career, Lasse has worked in the IT & telecommunications industry, with responsibility for both engineering, projects, sales and marketing with business development in focus.

In 2014, Lasse Bohart established the ‘Jagtuniverset’ in Glostrup. A hunting business supplemented with hunting courses, events, and planning of hunting trips. Today, he is co-owner and chairman of the board of ‘Jagtuniverset*, which is now run by  Lasse’s former partner.

Experience from both current as well as previous workplaces, TDC, A +, Danske Kabel TV, Nworks, and Jagtuniverset, has provided significant ballast and insight into what drives both small, medium and large businesses successfully moving forward.

“Strategic direction, commitment and execution are some of the words my colleagues and employees have used, describing me and my leadership style. These are competencies that I expect can contribute to CapMon’s further digitization journey ”, says Lasse Bohart.

Karsten Højer (CEO of CapMon A/S) and Lasse Bohart have worked together several times over the past 10 years. And when the opportunity for a collaboration in CapMon came up, there was no doubt that his competencies fit well with the rest of the board.

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Presentation of board member Karsten Højer

“Entrepreneur, business developer, board member, dyslexic, dear child has many names. Life has taught me, that one must see the potential in oneself and other people, instead of looking at what cannot be done. This philosophy will get you the furthest ”.

Karsten Højer’s entrepreneurial career started in 1999 with the start-up of the company Nworks A/S together with Henrik Blaaberg.
The first years as COO and then as CEO of 50 employees.

Prior to that, he worked for Olicom for 6 years designing and implementing large networks both at home and abroad.

In 2012, Nworks was sold to Atea for $ 68 million.

In addition to sitting on the board of both private companies and voluntary sports organizations, Karsten has over the years participated in and helped many small start-ups to develop their organization to new goals.

Today, Karsten is the CEO of CapMon A/S, that develops and sells solutions for IT monitoring, data logging and response time measurements. CapMon is a sister company to KonsensIT. The companies share office, competences and community values.

In 2015, Karsten also published the book “På trods” a story of his life as a dyslexic, and about which he regularly gives lectures around the country.


Presentation of board member Martin Jakobsen

Martin Jakobsen, Director of Cybanetix, is residing in London. He is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur, especially in the field of IT security.

With his experience from the English security market, where they are far ahead with SIEM and SOAR systems, he will be an important player in our work to expand CapMon’s business in this area in Denmark. In addition, Martin has extensive experience with the delivery of SOC (Security Operations Center) in the English market.