IT monitoring - Zabbix

What is Zabbix

Zabbix is a universal all-in-one open-source solution that offers real-time monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure.

Designed with enterprise requirements in mind, Zabbix provides a comprehensive single pane of glass view of your environment regardless of its size.

With the option of deploying the platform on-premise or in the cloud, you are always fully in control of your data.

Monitor anything – from physical and virtual servers or containers to network infrastructure, applications, and cloud services.

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How it works?

With Zabbix, you can collect metrics by using various data collection methods.

By defining smart problem thresholds and utilizing machine learning, Zabbix can suppress unwanted alert storms and notify you regarding the root cause of your problems.

The overall state of your infrastructure can be displayed by using a large seæectopm of dashboard widgets – from geographical maps to top N hosts sorted by a metric.


  • Business service monitgoring
  • High availability and failover
  • On-premise and cloud deployment versatility
  • Automatic network discovery for seamless onboarding
  • Agen-based and agent-less options
  • Plug and play templates
  • Flexible alerting and escalation
  • Auto-remediation
  • Excellent scalability and distributed monitoring
  • SAML Single-Sign-On
  • Granular permissions for a multi-tenant environment
  • Fully customizable UI
  • IoT ready
  • Webhooks and API for out-of-the-box integrations


With the Zabbix solution we offer continuous development and version updates to keep your monitoring needs satisfied. In addition to that, we offer a range of professional services to see you through deployment or migration from a legacy tool, as well as training to get your team fully op to speed with , and 24/7 technical support in Danish/English.

Contact os on, if you need further information about Zabbix and services

Become Zabbix certified with CapMon

CapMon is authorized Zabbix training partner in Denmark. The training is divided into modules, so you can scale your Zabbix knowledge as the need arises,

The courses consist of theory and practical tasks where you get the opportunity to implement and configure Zabbix under the guidance of a Zabbix certified instructor. You will learn to configure monitoring endpoints and solve complex monitoring tasks. Time for questions and answers is always part of the schedule.

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