SentinelOne Endpoint Security

Stay ahead of the threats

From endpoint to the cloud – from IoT device to the container. Data has become the basis of our way of life, and for all companies and organizations, protecting their data is becoming an increasingly large and complex task.

Data power is the answer to how you can defeat tomorrow’s new cyber threats.

SentinelOne Endpoint Security provides SOC and IT Operations teams with efficient tools to protect corporate data against advanced threats.

The solution prevents all types of attacks – both known and unknown – automatically – at machine speed – without human intervention.

SentinelOne is certified as a full-fledged antivirus replacement for Windows, OS X and L, and is recommended by, among others, PCI, MITRE ATT&CK, Gartner and NSS Labs.

Endpoint protection platform (EPP)

SentinelOne is based on a technology called Active EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). You get full protection against both malwares, exploits and insider attacks.

Unlike other EPPs, the solution does not need to be connected in the cloud to be able to detect a threat. It all happens automatically and in real time. How SentinelOne should act on a given threat can be defined according to your needs. Should it be insulated? Removed? Should a rollback be made?

You can:

  • Restore your client as it was before it was hit – with a single click
  • Get an accurate picture of a given threat and how it affects or has affected your network
  • See the extent of the threat and how to clean up afterwards
  • Save data from the threat for later use and analysis

Norwegian Case Study

SentinelOne can be used by everyone, from the very large multinational companies to the small sole proprietorships.

Norwegian has got the best EPP solution

“SentinelOne Has Changed the Way We Do Cybersecurity”

One platform that solves several problems

Companies want more capacity, less complexity and fewer agents.  SentinelOne is more intelligent than other antivirus programs.   It is easy to implement and does not burden the individual endpoint (e.g., server, desktop, mobile phone)

SentinelOne - automatic correlation of data

Ease the work of analysts

Reduce the time your SOC and IT analysts spend on manual investigations and incoming alerts by automatically correlating telemetry and mapping it in MITRE ATT&CK®.

SentinelOne - automatic correlation of data

In-depth insight

Patented Storyline™ technology automatically tracks all OS relationships – benign and malicious – every second of the day – giving analysts an easier way to understand root cause analysis and the complete attack history.

SentinelOne - automatic elimination of threats

Automated threat elimination

Effective ActiveEDR® ensures faster response and automates the elimination of threats. All unauthorized changes are rolled back using the patented one-click function. No boring script work.

CapMons service abonnement

Our service subscription gives you the following advantages:

  • Maintenance of software
  • Access to software opdates
  • Access to specialists’ support on workdays from 8:30 – 16:30

How to get started

You can use SentinelOne as a full replacement for the antivirus software you have today. We implement the solution in collaboration with you, and you can choose to purchase our SentinelOne Managed Services

We will help you find the solution that suits your business best

Are you an SMB business, and are you concerned about your IT security?

We have developed a concept that helps your company increase security in your IT infrastructure. You will get max. protection against security breaches without using extra resources.

The most discerning companies choose SentinelOne Endpoint security because of their unyielding cyber security demands.