Protect your employees’ professional and personal lives

Close the security gap for your employees’ mobile devices with the industry’s leading solution in mobile Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, combined with our Managed Service concept, provides you with optimal protection against security breaches without additional internal resource utilization.



Mobile Endpoint Security services

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security provides comprehensive real-time protection against all mobile threats across iOS, Android, and Chrome OS devices. We stop known and unknown phishing attacks, protect against malicious apps, device jailbreaks, and risky networks where you could quickly end up losing data.

All of this is done while empowering the end user to address security issues themselves, significantly reducing the need for support for your users.

Lookout Managed Services

Our Managed Service concept is designed for those who want to protect their employees’ mobile devices.

We have designed two different packages: Essentials and Advanced.

Essentials provides protection against the four primary mobile threats: phishing, device, app, and network threats.

In addition to everything in the Essentials package, the Advanced package offers 24/7 monitoring and the option to conduct proactive analyses on all of the company’s mobile devices.


A Managed Service agreement includes:

Implementation and Setup

CapMon assists with the implementation and setup of Lookout, so you don’t have to do it yourself. We’re happy to help set it up on your Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform if necessary. As an integral part of the setup process, we offer customized training where you and your employees are thoroughly instructed in the effective use of Lookout.

Danish Support

CapMon has a Danish support team available (weekdays from 08:30 to 16:30). With the addition of 24/7 monitoring, we can be contacted around the clock, every day of the year.

Our support team combines over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity with continuous monitoring of your company’s infrastructure.


A robust mobile security solution

All incidents are handled quickly and effectively.

We generate monthly reports based on individual incidents and strive to provide a comprehensive security solution that ensures secure digital operations.