Measure responsetimes with ResponseView

Measure responsetimes with ResponseView

Documentation of user response times!

Get live response time measurements, providing a clear picture of the response times that end users experience when using the company’s business applications.

ResponseView gives you a unique possibility of recording the scenarios that users will typically perform, and reproduces them continuously at a given interval. The solution interacts with the business applications through visual feedback in the form of images.

ResponseView reports response times minute by minute, and the measurements are presented via clear dashboards, notifications and performance history.

Setup at multiple locations

You have the option of setting up ResponseView at two or more locations to perform the same scenarios, thereby providing a picture of user experiences from all the various locations.

ResponseView can be configured centralized through a monitoring solution, or decentralized through each individual probe. In a very short time, you will get an invaluable overview of whether the response times are outside what is considered acceptable, or whether an update of an application has meant changes in the user experience.

Setting alarm limits

You can choose to have automatic alerting to system administrators, the service desk or others who need to know about changes in the service level, if the response times deviate from the limit values ​​you have specified. If you need an alarm before the the specified limit values, this can also be configured.

ResponseView also allows you to measure the times of specific parts of a user’s interactions with a system, and thereby see exactly which interactions fall outside the norm time set.

In the event that a transaction takes longer than what it is defined to take, an image is collected as documentation and sent with the alarm to the system administrator.

Utilize your operating budget

You will get:

  • Clear detailed and comparable operating reports based on measurements seen from a user perspective
  • Proactive reporting of service criteria that are at risk
  • Documentation of the level of availability and user experience of the individual services
Improved management of SLA agreements

It is a huge advantage that we can now measure the exact response times, so we actually know whether we get the benefit we pay for in our SLA agreements with our suppliers“.
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