We have collected a few references of our customers’ experiences with CapMon. These references are examples of solutions designed to cover our customers’ specific needs and will give you an insight into the various possibilities of using CapMon, in your company.

Optimum working conditions

“The ability to monitor via mobile devices has meant a great freedom for our employees who can access the system at all times of the day, no matter where they are,” says Michael Sylvestersen, Operations Manager at Dansk Kabel TV.

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SLA compliance

“CapMon continuously provides us with an up-to-data status of the uptime, bandwidth, and capacity situation. Thus, we can check whether the supplier SLA agreements entered into are being met”, says Leif Mortensen, Manager of Operations at Jammerbugt municipality.

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CapMon has created a quick and reliable overview

With CapMon’s monitoring solution, we can define the limit for when alarms are required. This means that we now get an alarm when the system is reaching a real (defined by us) critical limit, “says Thomas Saabye Goltermann, IT and Operations Consultant at Fredericia Municipality.

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Magasin is at the forefront with CapMon

“CapMon allows us to be at the forefront of several areas. We monitor trends, e.g. disk usage, and we are warned well before it goes wrong. Furthermore, it is a huge advantage for us that we can access data from the mobile phone so we can stay up to date continuously, “says Peter Jørgensen, IT Administrator at Magasin.

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Hunches become facts

In Region Nord the hospital staff often complained about long response times when using the region’s EPJ system (electrontronic patient recording).”It was vital for us to solve this situation. Among other things, we needed the exact response times experience by our users,” siger Brian Heinrich Pedersen, Operational Manager at Region Nord.

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Kamstrup monitors VMware

CapMon keeps the leading manufacturer of energy and water metering solutions, Kamstrup, at the forefront with highly configurable monitoring of the IT infrastructure – lately with the possibility of monitoring their VMware in CapMon.

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Region Hovedstaden IPT

” Our main task is to ensure that the more than 40,000 employees in the region get better service for less money – also when it comes to telephony systems. We invested in a monitoring solution from CapMon to keep a very high voice quality of the more than 20,000 IP phones that are in use with us,” says Martin Milbrat Petersen of Region Hovedstaden CIMT.

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Region Hovedstaden

Monitoring of approx. 2000 servers and 700 network in the majority of the Capital Region’s hospitals ensures improved IT stability and satisfied users.” One of the most important reasons for chosing CapMon was the possibility of getting SLA reports. Another reason was the ability to perform enduser measurements” siger Klaus Franzmann, Chefkonsulent i CIMT.

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Aarhus Universitetshospital, Skejby

“It is crucial for os that the CapMon monitoring system is developed by a Danish company, who could ensure that the implementation and various adjustments to our specific monitoring needs would be carried out in a close personal dialogue. CapMon has given us a stable and secure IT-infrastructure with increased uptimes”, says Claus Bugge, IT specialist with Aarhus Universitetshospital in Skejby.

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”Thanks to the CapMon monitoring system we have been running an intensive monitoring of all parts of our network since 2000, providing us with very detailed operating statistics and at the same time get alerts in seconds, ensuring fast troubleshooting in case of any problems, “says Gert Johansen, IT Project Manager of YouSee.

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Kamstrup A/S

”The CapMon solution has enabled us to be proactive in our daily IT management. We typically discover incidents before our users do and can eliminate the problems before they even notice them,” says Jesper Lasthein Hansen, IT Manager at Kamstrup A/S.

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