About us

CapMon A/S was established in 2001 and focuses on development and sales of monitoring tools for the IT infrastructure and business application systems. About us tells you about our priorities and aim.

Userfriendliness, reliabilty and high functionality of our products are top priorities – together with the ability to build new functionalities as needs arise.

The monitoring tool CapMon was originally developed as a direct result of customers who inquired about an easy-to-use product that could monitor bandwidth and fault conditions on their networks.

Since then, we have dealt with the continuous development of the concept, to meet our customers’ changing needs. And we can now offer monitoring tools and services that include the latest product features within capacity monitoring of the IT infrastructure as well as response time measurement and documentation of applications.

Our aim is to offer our customers new products and services that can compete on quality, functionality and price. As a result, we now have a customer base that includes both small, medium as well as large international companies in the manufacturing industry, hospitals, banking and insurance as well as public institutions.



Erik Lorenz Petersen

Chairman of the Board


Karsten Højer

Board Member – Management


Peder Bjerge

Invited by the Management

Bettina Schrøder Højer

Board Member


Karsten Højer

E-mail: kh@capmon.dk
Telefon: +45 4079 0385

Peder Bjerge

Sales Director & Partner
E-mail: pb@capmon.dk
Telefon: +45 3124 9393

Peter Mørch

Manager of R&D
E-mail: pvm@capmon.dk
Telefon: +45 4485 5068

Press contact

We help the media with all kinds of background information, current comments and photos about us. The marketing department also mediates contact to relevant managers and specialists in the CapMon organization.

Send a mail to: kh@capmon.dk. Your inquiry will be replied to as fast as possible, in urgent matters you can contact: Karsten Højer on phone: +45 4079 0385

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