Control local administrator rights

Too many local administrators increase vulnerability

Each local administrator constitutes a security risk, whenever he or she is on the network. It increases the company’s vulnerability in terms of malware, viruses, and installation of applications that are not freeware. It also implies that your business may be vulnerable to a license audit!

Users may, however, be in need of special programs and applications that they want to install. Some companies have a total ban, while others choose to retain flexibility for the user by having an extremely high degree of local administrators.

Reduce security holes

AccessManager Enterprise is a simple solution that instantly minimizes your infrastructure’s vulnerability.

You simply remove local administrative rights from your users and instead you give them time limited rights as a local administrator on their PC – while, at the same time, this is being documented.

CapMons AccessManager features  provide extended security through PIN code activation.

AccessManager provides:

• Simple and easy administration
• Active Directory integration
• Possibility of white/blacklisting Apps
• Audit logs and reporting
• Unlimited support – workdays 8:30-16:30
• Low yearly fee per client