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V2Security 2022

New cooperation with focus on cybersecurity

Muninn and CapMon enter into strategic cooperation. Danish AI-based technology and Enterprise Level Managed Security Service will secure companies against hacker attacks

Both private and public companies are increasingly affected by ransomware and exfiltration of their business-critical data. Existing traditional tools like Antivirus and Firewalls have not been able to withstand the latest attacks – Muninn provides a new type of AI-based network security, and CapMon provides Managed Security Service Monitoring, Incident Response and Cyber ​​Consulting.

“Muninn’s technology solutions and the use of AI to combat cybercrime fit perfectly into our portfolio of security solutions, and we look forward to this collaboration, which will be of great value to our customers,” says Karsten Højer, CEO of CapMon.

About CapMon:
CapMon is a market-leading Danish IT software company, established in 2001. We offer solutions within the range of IT-security, monitoring, data logging, SIEM and response time measurements . In addition to self-developed solutions for monitoring IT infrastructure, business systems/applications as well as managing local administrator rights, CapMon is MSSP (Managed Security Partner with Exabeam (UEBA), Elastic (Log management / SIEM) and Tenable (vulnerability scanning).

Our goal is to offer our customers new products and services that can continue to compete on quality, functionality and price, and the ongoing development takes place in close collaboration with our customers. This has resulted in us today having a customer base that includes both small, medium and large international companies within manufacturing, hospitals, banking, insurance and public institutions. Visit CapMon

About Muninn:
Muninn has roots in the military security world. With the latest AI / Machine Learning technology, Muninn monitors customers’ networks and blocks hacker activity in real time. Everything from ransomware to data exfiltration as well as hackers ‘early activities in the network to expand their capabilities and attacks are detected and blocked via AI, which forms a ‘normal’ picture of all devices’ behavior and thereby can see what is ‘abnormal’ and has clear signs of hacker activity. No agents are used. The Muninn AI solution does not replace the traditional security tools, but is an extra value-adding layer that detects and stops the hackers in their movements in the network – once the hackers have come through antivirus and firewalls. Visit Muninn