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Tests are important parts of an education. Therefore, it is important that the conditions around the tests work without problems, and that, for example, there is easy access for teachers to upload tests and for the students to download them. IT-Center Fyn’s existing portal, where schools share tests with students, often caused annoyances and was generally not up to date with regard to what one could expect from modern technology. Therefore, it was a huge wish from the schools and IT-Center Fyn to bring the platform up to a higher level, so that it was not IT challenges that were the reason if students could not access their tests.

“We support and keep systems running so that schools do not have to worry about IT problems themselves. But now we were faced with a development task that was a little outside our normal work area, ”says Kent Hansen, Technical Manager at IT-Center Fyn. “We had previously received help from CapMon and knew that the collaboration with them worked fine. They have skilled developers and they understand our challenges ”.

IT-Center Fyn and CapMon worked according to an iterative model, where we changed the parts in the existing portal step by step, tested them and found out if they worked according to IT-Center Fyn’s wishes.

It took approx. 6 months to finish the project, and the result is a completely new system where you can easily and quickly upload files regardless of size. The system has a logical structure, that allows you to quickly find and see all tests across the entire school – depending on the level of accessibility.

Another new feature of the portal is that the system automatically deletes old tasks when the expiration date has been exceeded. “Cleaning up systems is typically a ‘when-time-needed’ task that no one ever gets to. That is why it is a very important function, even if it may sound like a small detail, ”says Kent Hansen.

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