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CapMon new release

CapMon new release

Dear CapMon customer

We are constantly working on updating and improving your CapMon monitoring solution, and the new version includes both new features and enhancements to functionality and security, in order for you to maintain a secure proactive monitoring of your IT systems.


Search functionality on all pages
The search function has now been integrated into the standard toolbar instead of on a separate page. I.e. you can now search no matter where you are in Capmon. It has thus become far easier to search for, for example, nodes, groups, etc.


New updated look of pull-down menu

Time Travel Snapshots in Group Overview
Basically, CapMon has always shown the state of “now”:

With Time Travel Snapshots, you can now view CapMon’s condition at an earlier stage.

You can also choose to display the differences in modes at two different times. (Eg: Did the upgrade of system XYZ go smoothly?)

What was the difference in conditions between June 1 at. 10:00 hrs before the upgrade and on June 1 at. 13:00 hrs after the upgrade?:

Config Action Log
All change logs are now integrated into the default log page. That is, there are no longer separate action log pages for nodes and for the entire CapMon. So you can search, set up filters and also see what configuration changes have occurred in a group (which was not possible before).

You can also see that it was “userX” who made the change and which IP address the change was made from.

API Keys via GUI

It is now possible through a GUI to create, change and delete API Keys without having to enter a Command line.


Easy Startup Wizard now in HTML 5 and JavaScript
As part of our continuous update of CapMon, we continue to replace all Flash pages. One of the last remaining is the “Easy Startup Wizard”, which is no longer written in Flash, but in the latest version HTML (5) and JavaScript.

Security – HTTPS instead of HTTP
Release 12.9.5 offers a secure HTTPS interface. The HTTP is being phased out.

So far, you can enable the HTTP interface until it is finally phased out later in the year. 

Moreover, several bugfixes have been made.

Opgradér til version 12.9.5 – kontakt os på salg@capmon.dk – eller ring til Peder Bjerge på
+45 31 24 93 93