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CapMon new release

AccessManager v. 4.5.6

Kontrol af lokal-administratorrettigheder

We are constantly working on developing and improving AccessManager in our effort to meet our customers’ demands. Our latest version comes with important new features and improvements.

Version 5.4.6

  • With AccessManager, version 5.4.6 you can adjust how long it takes to start the AM-service on each individual pc.  You may set it directly in registry (key is “TaskTrayStartupDelay”) or via policy.This feature will eliminate the problem, if you see an error message that service has not started
  • Upgrading to new versions is now possible without having to reinstall AcceessManager
  • Also, you now have different language versions in AccessManager, i.e. you can choose if the language should be Danish or English
  • Finally, various bugfixes have been made

If you wish to update to the latest version or need any additional information, please send us a mail to:, and we will contact you as soon as possible.