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Cyber security

Can you afford losing data?

Can you afford losing data?

Digitization creates new vulnerabilities

All companies know that there is a potential risk of being exposed to data attacks, and most people think, “This is not happening to us.” Every day, a large number of companies’ data is attacked, and still, many companies do not invest in Cyber ​​Security.

“The money we spend on Cyber ​​Security does not help us to treat more patients, sell more goods or take better care of our citizens.” I have heard that argument many times. There is a little touch of truth in that, because IT security is not something tangible that our citizens can see the benefits of. But, it is an investment in preventing a potential disaster. In the last 10-20 years, society, companies and the public system have been digitized, and with digitization comes vulnerability, as there are malicious people and countries trying to either steal or destroy our data.

Prevention is better than cure

Digitization has created efficiency and saved us a lot of money. Some of these money, we need to invest in protection of our data. There are Boards that have put Cyber ​​Security on their agenda, but both the private sector and the public sector still need to increase their IT security investments.

This is not a scare campaign just because I’m selling Cyber ​​Security. This is a reflection of reality that I see every day because I sell Cyber ​​Security. We have all read several headlines about companies being hacked and having their data leaked. It happens all the time.

Businesses can easily seek assistance after being attacked, but it is neither a viable nor an ideal solution. Healing is always more complicated and costly than prevention. This applies for both Society and Cyber Security.

The threat comes from within
If you are part of a digitized company, you need to know what is going on in your infrastructure and how to protect it. There is an external threat, but there is also an internal threat coming from employees who are trying to gain access to data they should not have access to, or who are trying to steal data for their own purpose. We are all brought up not to steal or take anything that is not ours. But when we are talking about stealing data, it seems that some people don’t consider it quite as serious.

I think the belief that it’s less bad digitally stems from the fact that even though most people know there’s a potential threat, very few people know the total consequences of being attacked.