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Cyber security

cyber security

Who protects your business from cyber attacks?

The illicit drug trade makes a profit of $ 400 billion a year. By comparison, cybercriminals are left with $ 600 billion in annual revenue. Cybercrime is thus more profitable than the global illicit drug trade, and once you have read this post, there will have been a new hacker attack. It only takes 39 seconds for an attack to be carried out.

It is not possible to know who will be affected, and it is not possible to know when those concerned will discover that they have been affected. It takes an average of 7 – 12 months before 68% of all hacker attacks are detected.

Cybercrime is a bigger problem than ever before, which is why IT security and surveillance is more important than ever. Yet only 25% of all companies have a formal cyber-attack response plan.

How can it be? It is not to say. However, it is known that most people nearly choke on their coffee when they hear that a hacker can infiltrate a computer network faster than you can drink your morning coffee.

Who makes sure you can drink your morning coffee in peace, knowing that your system will not be hacked? Who protects your business?

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