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Alexander Palmgren ny salgsdirektør i CapMon

CapMon hires strong profile with many years of experience from the software industry.

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Alexander Palmgren as our new Sales Director.

In the period 2005-2014, Alexander worked for IBM, where he dealt with Strategic Outsourcing. After that, he dealt with software solution sales, and most recently he was responsible for IBM’s Security Systems.

Subsequently, in his work as Business Development Manager at Pedab, Alexander has collaborated with IT security partners and some of the largest consulting houses.

Alexander sees himself as a catalyst for the growth of his partners and customers by understanding their challenges and showing them the business advantage in various solution options. “I am exited to get this opportunity to collaborate with CapMon’s customers, management, employees and the Board of Directors to create innovative solutions that provide value for customers and thus contribute to the company’s continued development with growth and progress,” says Alexander Palmgren.

Over the past few years, CapMon has undergone a transformation, where sales have changed from selling software to increasingly being software solutions and Software as a Service. We are pleased to have Alexander on board and are confident that with his extensive experience in strategic collaboration, IT security and solution sales, he will be a strong asset for the company “, says Karsten Højer, CEO at CapMon A/S.


Karsten Højer
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