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CapMon releases v.13.1.8

CapMon release notes

CapMon releases v.13.1.8

CapMon now releases version 13.1.8

We are constantly working on updating and improving your CapMon monitoring solution.

in addition to various bug fixes CapMon version 13.1.8 contains both new features as well as improvements to functionality and security, which makes it easier and more secure to maintain a proactive monitoring of your IT systems, e.g .:

ServiceNow integration in CapMon

In our latest version 13.1.8, ServiceNow is now integrated into CapMon.

Once ServiceNow is configured in CapMon, you can add a column with a button for each alarm line in AlertView. If you click on the button, the following happens:

An “incident” is created in ServiceNow with data about the alarm collected in CapMon

  • The alarm is “acknowledged” in CapMon
  • The “incident” number is written in the “acknowledge” message and on the button
  • The “Incident” page opens in ServiceNow.

If the alarm already shows an “acknowledge” with an “incident” in the message, a click on the button will open the “incident” page in ServiceNow.

Creating “incidents” can be configured in several ways, e.g.:

  • The format of the ServiceNow field “Short Message”
  • The format of the ServiceNow field “Initial Notes”
  • Which template to be used for each event type

Improvements to functionality

  • CapMon now also supports the HP/Aruba 5400R switch in Switch Port Mapper
  • It is now possible to restrict users from being able to correct user settings. This, to avoid inappropriate changes
  • As Java is no longer supported in browsers, NetView has now been completely replaced with SystemView and Netview has thus been removed from the CapMon solution
  • Re-notification will no longer be sent if an event has been acknowledged.
  • Time-saving factor: You will now be redirected directly to the front page after deleting a node or group
  • Groups are now automatically sorted alphabetically on the Group Overview page.
  • It is now possible to individually inherit and ignore Services, Statistics, Attributes and Settings in Templates

It is now possible to create “Group Mirror”, a reflection of a group from one remote CapMon Server to another. It allows you to collect monitoring data from one or more CapMon servers on one local server, so you can see the total status in one place.

PDF download of user manual

In addition to accessing the CapMon user manual in the CapMon system, you now also have the option of downloading a complete user manual in PDF format.

Improvements to security

  • The encryption of passwords in CapMon has been further strengthened
  • login integration now supports LDAP (Single sign-on) servers
  • Status “Unknown” now also requires acknowledgment, as with Status “Critical” and Status “Warning”

Contact us at if you want to upgrade to the latest new version, need further information about version 13.1.8 or just want to know more about other of CapMon’s functionalities.