When hunches become facts
IT monitoring saves money
When hunches become facts
IT monitoring saves money

New release – 11.4.16

We are excited to release version 11.4.16, with new designs, functionalities, as well as security and performance improvements.


With the new version of CapMons Dashboard widget ”ManagementView” you now have the opportunity to show a ”detailed mode”.

In this mode you can view status of all elements in a selected group. Groups are shown first, then nodes, services, and statistics.
The widget may be configured to show a summary status and a sort toggle button.

With the sort button you can choose to sort elements by state so that the most critical elements are shown at the top of the list.


It is now possible to insert Link Statistics between nodes in SystemView, enabling you to see status and consumption of bandwidth for the link.

Overall, it will be both quicker and easier to detect bottlenecks in the network.

You will get a better view of what is happening in the network and where.


CapMons LogPage is now much quicker and easier to work with.

You will get a graphical view of the log entries over time. You may zoom in on a specific time slot and you have the possibility to filter on time, status, type and sources.

Syslog, service og statistics logs can now be collected on one page, providing you with a better overview.

Your possibilities of viewing, searching for, and filtrating on log sourches have been improved. It will be much easier to find specific incidents and to correlate them with other events on other equipment.


The Incident Response time has improved your possibilities to see response times of various incidents.

You can see how long an alarm has been active in a specified period of time. How long it takes before status is OK, or how long it takes before the alarm has been confirmed in your system.

Thus, you will get a far better possibility to uptimize the entire incident manage process.