What can CapMon’s IT monitoring solution do for you

Are you CIO/CFO or IT-manager?

As a CIO / CFO or IT manager it is probably not important to you, whether it is a server, switch, or a service on a server that does not work. However, it is important to see which business process or service delivery is not working in case of a breakdown in the IT environment. It is probably also important for you to know whether or not the agreed SLA you have on the systems is complied with or not, both on outsourced systems and systems in actual operation. CapMon Dashboards allow you to have an easy and manageable way to get an overview of how business processes and business services function and perform. CapMon integration with Google Maps makes it visually easy to see where in the world, your systems work as expected. ResponseView gives you precise and up-to-date information about the user experience of your delivery. Read more about ResponseView


Are you a network administrator?


As a network administrator it is important that you are able to see the status of the network.There are many ways of getting a good overview of the network, and with CapMon you can tailor the view as it suits you best. Views could contain the status on all of the network equipment, performance in uplinks, errors in interfaces or when the latest backup of the key equipment was created.

CapMon gives you the opportunity to see how performance and errors have changed over time. Compare historic statistics with the most recent values gathered from the network. Configure thresholds and receive alarms when these are exceeded. On top of that, you can even add different statistics to brand new statistics that can be monitored going forward.


Are you server administrator?


As server administrator it is important that you are able to see the status in both hardware and operating systems, logfiles, as well as status for the important services and processes.By using CapMon you can monitor all these important components via WMI, SNMP, Telnet and syslog. CapMon has a syslog server build-in as a core component. This makes it possible for you to see when specific issues arise in the monitored equipment. You can see the performance of CPU, memory consumption and lots of other important information, including disk usage. You can see how this information changes over time, and you can even project a trend line to see when a disk is full, and when the server will need more memory with the current load.

By using the build-in trend module you have the opportunity to enter a date in the future. CapMon will calculate the expected values, based on historic values, and you can choose to receive an alarm when configured values are reached in the future. You can also build your own personal Dashboard that will show you exactly what you want to focus on.

Are you an applications administrator?

er-du-applikationsadministratorFor you as an applications administrator it is important to know whether the application is working or not.
It might not be important if a switch or a server is not functioning, if you have redundant or clustered environment, where you typically can deliver stable performance on your applications, if only some of the hardware is running and available for the end user.

On a CapMon dashboard you can create your own personal overview for what you need to focus on. You can create multiple tabs for each of the applications requirements and dependancies of server and network. Often, you also want to focus on you current SLA level, to document availability and desired performance. SLA charts can be added to your live updated dashboard.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Are you a Webmaster?

er-du-webmasterThe web servers and applications are vital to the company public profile, as these are what the customers see and are often the central gateway for gathering information about the company.
It is of great importance that they are functioning and up and running with a high level of availability to the customers. Also, performance matters a great deal, when it comes to the overall user experience of the company.

Lots of analysises and reports show that if a customer waits for just a couple of seconds, they get restless and moves on to the next company. Response times and availability are crucial and should be monitored constantly, and so are the possibility of receiving alerts and messages as soon as anything is performing in the wrong direction.

Are your working in a Helpdesk/Support department?

er-du-helpdesk medarbejderAs a Helpdesk employee it is important to be constantly updated on the latest status of the service delivery, so that the user who needs help, gets a feeling of being advised by the right person and that the incoming inquiry is taken care of. With CapMon you can get exactly that overview and detailed information.

You can create your own personal overview, either by using a map based overview of your important locations, or simply draw the overview and place the important devices monitored on your own diagram. You can also see exactly which business processes or services are broken and can proactively send out information to the specific users.

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