IT monitoring

Monitor your IT infrastructure

CapMon monitors and collects information from the infrastructure and applications. The system does not require installation of extra software on other units in the network.

CapMon IT monitoring has a Web based user interface, ensuring fast access to the various functionalities.

Any limits exceeded are immediately reported, e.g. by e-mail or SMS, thus ensuring fast and efficient troubleshooting.

CapMon IT monitoring saves collected data for an optional period of time, which allows you, over time, to see the development of traffic load, disk consumption, application response times, etc.

The statistics functionalities and collection intervals ensure that you do not have to store more data than necessary.


Download CapMon datasheet

CapMon Dashboards allow you to have an easy and manageable way to get a complete live overview of how business processes and business services perform.

What can CapMon do for you?

CapMon contains numerous product features. Some have been in operation since the first version of CapMon, others have been added while the product has evolved.

Product features

Set up your own personal dashboard that meets your specific monitoring needs by means of CapMon’s various modules and widgets. Read about the various functionalities here:

Modules & widgets

Our ResponseView solution allows you to measure response times and thus document the response times that users actually experience when using your business applications.

Measure the responsetimes

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