IT monitoring

Monitor the IT infrastructure

With CapMon IT monitoring, you can monitor and collect information from both infrastructure and applications. See fx. traffic load, disk consumption, and application response times. The solution does not require the installation of additional software on other devices in the network.

CapMon is managed via a Web-based user interface. Any exceedances of limit values ​​are reported immediately via email or SMS and ensures fast and efficient troubleshooting.

Reduce operating costs

CapMon monitoring includes a number of valuable tools for your monitoring. The statistics function, which is one of them, has variable collection intervals, which ensures that no more data is stored than is necessary. This not only saves space, but also makes it easier to view data.

Servicedesk functions

Built-in duty schedules provide control over who receives alarms and at what times.

The access control system provides control over who has access to view and modify data in CapMon.
Operational monitoring gives you the status of all monitored devices here and now.

Instead of sending an alarm, CapMon can be configured to create a “trouble ticket” in the service desk the system and thereby support your ITIL processes

CapMon collects and stores data, so you can also see the development in e.g. traffic load, disk consumption, application response times. Statistics functions with collection intervals ensure that no more data is stored than necessary.

“We have peace of mind.”
“CapMon’s monitoring means we can see what’s happening in our system e.g. server capacity, user access, and overload . So we can quickly intervene and correct errors!

CapMon gives you the opportunity to get an easy and quick overview of how e.g. servers, switches, business processes and business services work

Is IT monitoring for you?

CapMon develops new features and functionalities in line with the ongoing development of the product and always make an effort to meet your monitoring needs

Product features

Set up your own personal dashboards in the CapMon monitoring solution and see results from the various modules and widgets that suits your specific needs

Capmon modules & widgets

CapMon’s ResponseView allows you to measure and document the response times that users of the company’s application systems actually experience in everyday life.

ResponseView responsetimes measurement