Collection and analysis of log data

Overview provides increased IT security

CapLog is a service, included in our SIEM log management solution.

CapLog collects log files from Windows AD, File-shares, Linux log files and other log files e.g. Office 365, Azure etc.

It provides a unique overview of user behaviour in your organization. Custom dashboards show the daily user activities in real time, which makes it possible to follow live what is happening in the organization and detect any threats in your IT infrastructure.

CapLog detects anomalies and can distinguish between common and elevated levels of anomalies at the individual users. When an elevated level of anomalies is detected, a message is sent directly to the system administrators (with log files from Capmon’s AcessManager, which is a tool for managing local administrator rights).

CapLog also allows you to see if a user has had access to files that can compromise security throughout the organization. You can thus react quickly if someone tries to force access to a user’s account.

Reports and documents

Agents are installed on the client server for collection of log information. Based on the log information, a document is generated in JSON format. This document is used to display the information you see on your dashboard. The document makes it possible to generate various reports that can be used for benchmarking, briefing and documentation of GDPR maintenance.

CapLog provides overview and detailed information about:
• User behaviour in your organization
• Anomalies in your systems
• Hacking attempts

CapLog service subscription
CapLog can be delivered with a service subscription, which gives you the following benefits:
• Maintenance of software
• Access to softwareo updates
• Access to support from our specialists in our working hours 8:30 – 16:30.


CapMon er Elastic OEM partner

CapLog is one of our services included in our CapStash log management solution, comprising CapLog, CapSec security scan and CapFlow traffic analysis.

Our SIEM log monitoring solution is based on Elastic modules,. Elastic software is used by thousands of organization, (a.o. Cisco, eBay, Goldman Sachs, NASA, Microsoft Wikipedia, and Verizon) – for the support of critical systems.


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