CapSec – security scan

CapSec cyper security from CapMon - keep your data safe online


Vulnerability scan

CapSec security scan performs network scans to detect vulnerabilities in the network that may weaken the company’s IT security, thus avoiding malicious attacks, ransomware, etc.

Threat intelligence

By means of Threat Intelligence all threat feeds are automatically collected and notified to the administrator. The incoming and outgoing network traffic is matched.

All data up to the application layer is collected (complete package collection) for logging and subsequent analysis.

Get a total overview of the CapSec security scan data collected

All the CapSec security data can be visualized in Kibana, Elastic’s  dashboard. Thus you will have a total overview of the most important data.

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CapMon is Elastic OEM partner

Capmon’s ”CapSec” is based on Elastic modules. Elastic is used by thousands of organisations, among others Cisco, eBay, Goldman Sachs, NASA, Microsoft Wikipedia og Verizon, who use Elastic products to support mission critical systems.

View the CapMon monitoring video: