CapMon product features

CapMon contains numerous product features. Some have been in operation since the first version of CapMon, while others have been added while the product has evolved. Below are a few examples. Is there descriptions of  product features you need, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on the right.


TrendCapMon collects and saves data as statistics from the equipment monitored. The statistics functionality is one of the most important elements in a monitoring environment and is used in many different ways.

You can select the desired statistics from a simple tree structure and simply enter the selected time period. When you view statistics you can choose to see a trend calculation, display configured thresholds or even create new statistics based on existing data.

Click on the video to see a demonstration of CapMon’s statistics functionalities.



Trend calculations

TrendIt is possible to calculate a trend value for any displayed statistics. On activation of this feature you will see a trend calculated time indicating the expected increase or decrease of the statistics.


Attributes and Dynamic Groups

attributterCapMon offers the ability to assign customer-specific information to each element of CapMon. This could be the possibility of attaching a piece of information about who is the owner of a node or a link to documentation of services. The attributes that are created can be filled in when such a node is created or configured. The same for Groups, Services and Statistics. You can set up groups with dynamic contents e.g. a group containing all nodes set to “Silent”. Any node that is set to Silent will appear in this new dynamic group. Once, the node is no longer set to Silent, it will no longer appear in that group. With Attributes and Dynamic Groups you gain 100% flexibility and achieve exactly the picture you wish in you monitoring.