CapMon modules & widgets

Traffic Insight

Traffic Insight displays which type of traffic your users generate in the network. You also have the possibility of viewing the communication fra a specific address. Collect the netflow data flowing in your Cisco network. Get statistics based on data of your own choice. See how much web traffic an IP address generates.


AlertView gives you an overview of the alarms that are generated in CapMon. The module can be configured to display alarms from the exact area of CapMon that is relevant to the IT monitoring you want. AlertView will be updated live with the latest alarms, and will always give you the current status of your monitoring.


Draw logical contexts in your IT infrastructure and your applications dependencies to other systems – in-house in your own data center or with external providers. You can set up the “Drill Down” feature at different levels, which gives you a visual overview and status from underlying systems.

Switch Port Mapper

Makes it easy to understand what is associated with any piece of networking equipment. See which ports on a switch are up or down and what the individual port is being used for. You can also see how long a port on a switch has been turned on or off, if it has been in use.

Compliance Monitor

CapMon Compliance Monitor shows you in real time how many minutes a given system can withstand being down before your SLA is exceeded. You have the opportunity to set a constant value, e.g. implications in terms of costs on your business if an SLA is exceeded. See which system require instant attention.


With GoogleView, you can integrate with Google Maps and visualize active alarms and their consequences throughout your organization’s IT infrastructure. You can mark streets, roads, buildings, or parts as “Critical” or “Warning” if a central node or group changes status.

Virtual Monitoring

Monitor your VMware installation with the CapMon Virtual Monitoring (CVM)  for VMware.
You can monitor Hosts and Guests, and the CVM automatic detection and configuration makes it easier to set up the monitoring of your IT infrastructure.


For those who do not need a detailed overview of the operating situation, but just need a overall overview and status of your IT monitoring.

Mobile monitoring

For those who just need an overall overview of the operating situation and would like to have the opportunity to get the overview when and where you want.

CapMon Widgets

SLA widget

CapMon’s SLA widget gives you a live view of your Service Level level as prioritized by you. Several SLA widgets can be combined on the dashboard. You can see the total SLA level on all servers, in conjunction with a SLA widget that shows the uptime of equipment connected to your ERP system.

Gauge widget

Every few seconds, the Gauge widget gives you a value measured from selected statistics. You can define threshold values or apply the values that are configured for the selected statistics. A dashboard with multiple gauge widgets provides a complete overview and is used on big screens to provide a fully updated performance view of your IT environment.

Statistics widget

The Statistics widget allows you to view statistics directly on your dashboard – live and updated with the latest actual data. All the features you know from the normal statistics view in your IT monitoring, such as Zoom or Trend, can also be used on the statistics that you need to display on your dashboard.

Web widget

The Web Widget allows you to view separate web pages directly on your Dashboard.

All types of intranet and internet pages can be displayed in your IT monitoring. It may be internal documentation about networks, or maybe just a widget with Google, ready to search for relevant online information.

Status widget

The Status widget provides a quick overview of the number of nodes or services and their status in a selected group. You have different options of displaying the status – whether status widget should be highlighted when there are changes in the individual counts – or view data based on nodes or service in the selected group.

Top Statistics widget

View the statistics that meet the configured requirements. You have a variety of sorting and grouping options. Sort by highest/lowest number or percentage value,or view statistics of the same statistics group and unit of measurement