CapMon Cloud hosting services

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Flexible Cloud hosting services

CapMon Cloud hosting services is a strong alternative to purchasing a property monitoring tool, as prices begin with an amount per monitored device plus a fixed installation price once and for all.

We offer different packages of the cloud hosting services that contain surveillance both inside and outside normal working hours. This ensures that your IT deliveries to end users meet the agreed SLA.

You also have the option to purchase an “Action Package” that gives you restart of services, error message for on-site staff and error message to 3rd party vendors.


If you need to measure response times, we can also offer our ResponseView program, which is used to measure users’ experience of the business applications End2End.

It gives a common reference – whether the deliveries are as promised – and it gives you a precise indication of where a given error may be in your IT infrastructure or at a subcontractor.

It is that simple!

CapMon A / S sets up a “CapMon Slave” in your data center, which provides information about usage, statistics, logs, uptime and many other things from your IT environment. The CapMon Slave forwards this information to our CapMon Cloud Server, which you can access to view all details.

Monitor your IT infrastructure with CapMon