IT monitoring

CapMon monitors and collects information from both IT infrastructure and applications. Achieve better operational stability and user accessibility

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Real time response time measurements

The CapMon ResponseView system allows you to measure and document the response times that users actually experience.

Measure response times of your business applications

Put your surveillance in the Cloud

CapMon Cloud hosting services include monitoring of your IT deliveries both inside and outside normal business hours.

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Control local administrator access

Control and restrict users’ local administrator rights with AccesManager– without compromising on security.

AccesManager reduces security holes

SIEM log management

The CapStash SIEM solution enables efficiant management of the company’s IT security and compliance requirements.

Identify cyber attacks and other threats

Log analysis

CapLog collects and analyses your log data to reduce the risk of your company’s IT security being compromised.

Identify cyber-attacks and other threats

Network traffic analysis

CapFlow provides an overview of the type of traffic generated on your network and presents data in a user-friendly format.

Analyse your network traffic data with CapFlow


Vulnerability scan

CapSec performs network scans and uses threat intelligence to detect vulnerabilities in the network

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Full-stack APM

CapAPM – from logs to server metric to applications monitoring and finally, end user experience in browsers. Automatically collects and analyses performance data from your business applications

Solve the applications performance issues

Exabeam UEBA

The Exabeam solution gives you an insight in user behaviour. Find comprimised or malicious users which are usually very hard to discover. Automating the work of correlating data helps minimizing the time it takes to respond to events by almost 50%.

UEBA gives immediate insight into user behaviour

SentinelOne EPP

SentinelOne is more than an antivirus solution. It is built on a technology called Active EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). You will get full protection against malware, exploits and insider attacks.

Eliminate threats – reestablish your client as it was before it was hit