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Now we have peace of mind

Short response time ensures customer satisfaction

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When you provide national broadband and telephony to around 80,000 customers it may cause you some difficulty if your customers call in the middle of a national football match complaining about lack of signal . Of course, Dansk Kabel TV will seek to avoid that situation at all costs. Therefore, they have chosen to secure themselves against such incidents by means of effecient monitoring. In this way, you can anticipate the course of events and inform customers if irregularities should occur.

Danish Cable TV wants to give their employees optimal working conditions and an easy working day. Therefore, they have established efficient monitoring of 145 virtual machines, ensuring broadband and telephony to around 80.000 devices. “In the past, we used an open source monitoring system. But this implied that we had to program all monitoring activities. The extra time required, had to be taken out of an already very busy working day. Consequently, we started looking for another solution that suited our needs.

Optimum working conditions

CapMon is a flexible, pre-programmed monitoring solution, that has released time in our organization. We can adjust for example alarm levels, and, another smart and timesaving feature is that our system documentation is automatically updated when we make physical changes, ” says Steven Leander Henriksen, System Engineer at Dansk Kabel TV.


Steven Leander Henrik, and Michael Sylvestersen at Dansk Kabel TV.

Keeping an eye on load and consumption

Monitoring at Dansk Kabel TV not only ensures that uptime is met and customers have access to the internet and telephony 24/7. It is also used to monitor load and consumption of system devices. ” The monitoring solution can also tell us when a server is reaching the load limit of e.g. 80 per cent, which is a limit determined by us. Or, we are alerted if the temperature in the server room is reaching the level we have defined as the maximum. Now, we know that there is a heavy load on the web around primetime at 20:00, so extra resources must be allocated.

However, there may also be other times when consumption is above the norm. Thanks to the CapMon monitoring, we are alerted, so that we can be ahead of the situation and can now react before customers are affected, “explains Steven Leander Henriksen.

Voice functionality for blind employee

Like in many other jobs, mobile devices have made their entry into Dansk Kabel TV, and the employees’ use of tablets and smartphones in their everyday lives is rapidly growing.”The ability to monitor via mobile devices has meant a great freedom for our employees who can access the system at all times of the day, no matter where they are. There is a variety of possibilities with the solution, but we would ike to highlight one of the functionalities, wiz. the voice solution. We have a blind employee, and the mobile voice solution helps him utilize the monitoring solution in the exact same way as the other employees do,” says Michael Sylvestersen, Operations Manager at Dansk Kabel TV.

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