Exabeam User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Exabeam UEBA

Exabeam UEBA technology adds extra security to your SIEM

Today, companies are primarily hacked via a user / employee, who is compromised (infected) and used as an access ticket to the company’s IT infrastructure. An effective tool for capturing these types of attacks is UEBA (User Entity Behavior Analytics) that adds and extra dimension to the protection of the company and its data.

Exabeam’s solution can be implemented on top of both existing and new SIEM solutions. It is a powerful management platform that, using advanced technology science, enables the security team to detect compromised and malicious users that were previously difficult or impossible to find. Automating the work of correlating data helps minimizing the time it takes to respond to events by almost 50%.

Easy overview of user behavior

Based on the data collected from a SIEM system, Exabeam can set up security incidents and give users risk points. (Ex .: A user logs in in Copenhagen – 5 minutes later in e.g. Aarhus or Ukraine. This triggers a defined number of risk points, for example, 10 risk points.) If a user’s total risk point exceeds the predefined limit, an alarm is triggered, and the SOC team can investigate exactly that user’s behavior, the cause of the alarm, and decide if further action is needed. An advanced technology that provides an easy method of keeping an eye on company security.

With Exabeam you will get:

  • A unique defense against hacker attacks
  • Detection of user behavior
  • Survey and response in minutes
  • SIEM reinforcement / migration – no stress

Advanced UEBA technology

Automatic corellation of data reduces the time it takes to react on incidents by up to 50%
Exabeam UEBA

Exabeam service subscription

Our service subscription gives you the following benefits:

  • Software maintenance
  • Access to software updates
  • Access to support from our specialists every weekday from 8:30 – 16:30

How do you get started?

We can deliver Exabeam’s solution as a Cloud or On-Premise solution. You can choose our SaaS, or we will implement the solution together with you.

We can help you find the solution that suits your business.

Contact us at sales@capmon.dk and ask for a free demonstration.